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Zippy bt-500 childsize mini keyboardTo use our keyboard to run your devices, make sure you are Bluetooth compatible

Most new computers come with Bluetooth already installed and activated, but if you have an older model or a desktop without Bluetooth, you can easily install it on your own by purchasing a small USB Bluetooth adapter called a "dongle" that can be plugged in to an open port. These are easily available, and cost from $10 - $20. It will come with an install disc. Once you have Bluetooth on your computer, you can wirelessly share information with other Bluetooth devices such as PDAs, smartphones, printers and other computers.


If you have a wireless Internet service installed on your computer then you will be Bluetooth-compatible. The Bluetooth option will automatically load if you have wireless Internet installed. One way to check if you have wireless Internet, is by right-clicking on "My Computer" and selecting "Properties > Device Manager > Network Adapters." If you have wireless Internet it will be listed under this category. Although wireless internet comes standard with most versions of laptops, they are not as common with PC's.

Search for It

One way to see if your personal computer is equipped with Bluetooth is by searching for it. This can be done by going to your computer's "Start" menu and typing "Bluetooth" into the search bar. You should see options to either click on "Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard" or "Bluetooth Devices." The File Transfer Wizard" is what allows you to transfer information from one computer to another. When you click on "Bluetooth Devices" you can see whether or not your device has been detected. To add your Bluetooth device click the tap on the top menu that says "Add." Your computer will now search for it.

Check the Startup

Restart your computer. If your computer is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you should see the Bluetooth logo on the bottom right-hand side of the start bar. This logo is a blue oval with two white triangles, with the bottom and left-hand sides of the triangles extending. Another way to see if your computer is equipped with Bluetooth technology is by going to the control panel and searching for Bluetooth. If your computer is Bluetooth -compatible, then you will see the Bluetooth logo that says "Bluetooth Devices" in the control panel. When you click on this logo you have the option to click "Add" to add the device, "Options," "Hardware," and to see the "COM or Serial Ports."

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LittleFingers Keyboard

The former brand name of LittleFingers is no longer manufactered

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Littlefingers keyboards Little Fingers Keyboards Childsize Keyboards Keyboards for Children