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One Hand Typing Packages For Children. The Ultimate Package:

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One Handed Typing Manuals and Resources on CD


One Handed Typing Spiral Bound Manual The NORMALChildsize Keyboard - made for little fingers


A child-size keyboard. Excellent for one handed child typists. Used with our typing tutor, it will allow your one handed child to actually learn to type, not just "hunt and peck." When their hands grow up, switching to an adult size keyboard is no harder than switching from a childsize to an adult size bike.On an adult keyboard the distance from the middle of Q over to P is about 6 3/4" On a childsize keyboard it is 6 " or less.Childsize keyboard Washable Ours is 5.4 inches.
On the CD:
> On-screen One handed typing manuals. The first 29 pages are teaching instructions, followed by on-screen simple drills to teach the child to type on the normal keyboard, with one hand.
> eBook for parents about how to inspire and prepare the child to excel in the workplace - The One Handed Office Professional.
> 30 min. video clip of Jim Abbott, one handed baseball pitcher, giving a motivational keynote speech.
> Hundreds of links to resources and free typing games on line.
On the CD - to the left - are two on-screen versions of the One Hand Typing Manual.
The printed version is the same information, condensed into a printed version. Nice for parents and teachers.

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After you buy these, consider also buying the interactive version with games, see below.

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