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No longer available, see our new improved childsize keyboard to the right

Wireless Childsize Mini Keyboard -
an adult look keyboard for little fingers

See our return policy for all keyboards | Do you need a little fingers or a compact child size keyboard?
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Wireless Childsized and Compact Keyboard - for one or two handed typists.

From Q to P:

Footprint: 14.2"(L) 6.5"(W) 1.2"(H)
USB plug only.
This Wireless Multimedia Mini Desktop is specially made for your kids, those with little fingers, and is great for the young one-handed typist!

Wireless makes it convenient for those who share a computer with their kids. Why? Because regular size wireless desktop sets and this set uses the same type of receiver. So simply just change keyboard and mouse when your kids want to use the computer without digging your head to the back of PC to plug and unplug the wires.

The Mini Desktop set comes with a wireless keyboard, a wireless mini mouse, and the receiver with a total of 6 (2 extra) rechargeable batteries. The Multimedia wireless keyboard comes with 7 internet hot keys.

Your children would be so happy to see a WIRELESS DESKTOP SET MADE FOR THEM!

Mini Wireless Keyboard Design

7 Multimedia Internet Hot Keys

Petite Handed Design mouse

Single Scroll Wheel +3 programmable Buttons

Secure RF Technology

Rechargeable Receiver - recharges your old batteries by simply putting the old batteries in receiver, and put fully charged batteries in mouse.

Power On/Off Switch

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LittleFingers Keyboard

The former brand name of LittleFingers is no longer manufactured

All of our customers are equally happy with our other options of Childsize Keyboards - see above.

Occasionally I have a new LittleFingers returned to me. Call me to see if we have one in stock.


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See our return policy for all keyboards

NORMAL Mini Childsize Keyboards,
for One Hand Typists
and those with Small Hands

In stock now!

2 Types of
One Hand Typing

  • Book
  • Manual on CD (Mac or PC)

See more on both

What's New?

One Hand Typing and Keyboarding & Resources on CD

($49, plus $7 s/h): On the CD are ...

1) Many versions of One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals: some to practice on screen, and one to print

2) One Handed Office Professional eBook: How To Be The Most Productive Person in Your Office

3) Scores of resources from all of the Internet

Laptops for One Handed Typists!

Finally! There are laptops for one handed typists!

See least expensive option at Amazon

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Littlefingers keyboards Little Fingers Keyboards Childsize Keyboards Keyboards for Children

Kids keyboards for Children

Kids keyboard for Small Hands

Mini keyboard for Small Hands

Small Handed Keyboards

Littlefingers keyboards Little Fingers Keyboards Childsize Keyboards Keyboards for Children