e-Newsletter about how to Type with one hand, one hand keyboards, one hand typing, keyboarding for the one hand typist - this place is for those with a disability of the the hand, and those who want to help them: teachers, parents, vocational, occupational and rehabilitation therapists, learn to type, keyboard and use a computer with the speed of a professional, or just for fun, with only one hand, with, or without adaptive equipment. Regardless of the cause of your disability: amputee, birth defect, stroke, brain injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or other, come here when you ndeas, insights, inspiration, and insider assitance to excel with single handed issues, especially keyboarding and typing.
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About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Monthly Newsletter - MARCH.


In This Issue:

* New Format for One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual & Special Offer

* One Handed Office Pro CD

* Neat Stuff on the Web for One Handers!

* One Hand Dvorak and Microsoft

* E-mail List Discussion Groups





* New Format for One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual & Special Offer


I am very excited about the new format for the e-book version of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual. Each page has just one simple exercise, and the chart. This makes it VERY easy to use. I have been working like a dog ... well, not MY dogs who sleep all day and only move when they want a cookie ... to really fix it up so it is MUCH nicer :)) If you have ever purchased any version of the manual from us in the past, you can buy this version for only $8, no s/h. This is normaly $19.95. OR, if you would like to see the first 70 pages, you can download it for free at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onehanded/files





* One Handed Office Pro CD


You might not know that I created a neat e-book for those entering the office world, with little, or no, use of one hand, called - The One Handed Office Professional! Also on that same CD are four versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals on CD. One is a PDF file, which is exactly the same as the 72 page printed manual. The other three allow you to practice right into the document on the screen! Fields are provided for practicing the exercises. These are 330 pages. The exercises are exactly the same in the 72 page printed manual. However, we have taken each exercise, and broken it up into very easy to read, and easy to practice steps. This way, it is much more interactive, simple, and fun!


One version, our personal favorite, is in a PDF format. You read that with Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which is a free program what we include on the disc. It is very difficult to find any computer today which does not already have Adobe® Acrobat Reader on it, this is a free program. The other two version are on Microsoft Word® 95/97 or 98. Using these allows the user to become familiar with this most popular of the word processing programs used in offices today.With the use of either your right, or left hand, this simple manual will teach you to type on a standard keyboard. Within 1-3 weeks of working through the drills in this manual, you can step into any mainstream program to learn typing.The One Hand Office Professional CD with the four versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual, is only $39.







I found a site, with a section just on one handed products.

Go to http://www.dynamic-living.com/?AID=5908180&PID=822658


Make sure to click on the SINGLEHANDED link on the left side of the page.


Interesting ideas.


Piano for one hand ...



iCan! health news: spinal cord stimulator for pain, asthma, patient safety and more





One Hand Dvorak and Microsoft


The keyboard you are most likely sitting at as you read this is called a QWERTY keyboard (look at the Q in the upper left of your keyboard, then the W, E, R, T, Y) One of the cherished legends of typing history is that when the keyboard was invented, typists got fast, too quickly. The old key system would get jammed. So, they rearranged the keys into QWERTY so those darn typists wouldn't speed around on them! This may not be 100% true (see more on typing history, click here http://www.aboutonehandtyping.com/dvorak.html#anchor449033).


By the 1930 keyboards were much more efficient, but everyone was still using the QWERTY keyboard arrangement. In 1936, August Dvorak, a professor of statistics at University of Washington, came up up an arrangement of the alphabetic keys which he felt would help us move around the keyboard faster. He used the exact keyboard we all use today, but moved all the letters around. He placed common letters on the home row making the stronger fingers do most of the work. Several years later, a friend of his lost an arm. So, Dvorak created One Hand Dvorak for the Left Hand, and One Hand Dvorak for the Right Hand.


Today, you can go into the operating system of almost all computers, and tell it to switch your keyboard arrangement to Two Handed Dvorak, or either of the One Handed Dvoraks. It is a free thing to do. Then, you can pop the key caps off, and move them into the Dvoark position.

One Hand Dvorak is easier for a child with one hand, ***if they do not have a child size keyboard.***


My issue with the Dvorak keyboard layout is simply that it is not the same set-up as the other kids use, nor what is used by 99.99% of the work force! Yes, it is easier for the child typist to reach the keys, because the normal sized keyboard is too big. When a child is young, you do not suggest a wheelchair because the bike is too big! You get them a child size bike. The logic of suggesting an alternative the child will never find in their friends homes, nor in any job, and which will make them feel an outcast escapes me.


Some are worried about having the child switch from the small keyboard to the large keyboard as they grow. If you have ever switched from a laptop, to a normal keyboard, you will know that this only takes a few seconds of adaptation time.

See more about child size keyboard at: http://www.aboutonehandtyping.com/littlefingers.html


Most of those suggesting the Dvoark system for the one hand typist are two handed typists who use QWERTY, and would not switch for any reason. They see that Dvorak is possibly more efficient. But so is the metric system, and Esperanto*. Taking a year to learn a keyboard that the world is NOT using is NOT efficient.


If you are an adult, and know how to do at least 30 wpm on the QWERTY keyboard, I have no objections to your learning Dvorak. If you are responsible for a child learning to type, I think it terrible disservice to force Dvorak on them. Teach them to use the tool they will find everywhere they go to work or play, the QWERTY keyboard.


I am deeply saddened that when you go to the Microsoft website, and type in - One Hand Typing - they do not even suggest that you can use a NORMAL keyboard! They only tell you about One Hand Dvorak! :::sigh::::




3. Would you like to join in a disussion group? We have three e-mail discussion groups, I hope you will join one.


ONE: is for those professionals who deal with helping their clients with limb differences use a computer.

If you are a professional OT, Rehab professional, or teacher, and you would like to participate in the first group. e-mail: computer_solutions-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


TWO: Parents - a place for parents of kids with limb differences. Discussion is open. We just want to share ideas for solutions to challenges we face.

If you are a parent of child with a limb difference:

e-mail: kids_can-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


THREE: Disabled arms/hands: If you have a limb difference:

email onehanded-subscribe@yahoogroups.com






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Lilly Walters




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