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Want Your Advertisement to Go In Our Next Printed One Hand Typing Manual?

We are going into our next printing of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual! Would you like your advertisement to go into the book? They have a tremendous and long life. Also, I will include a link to your website here in the enews for the next 6 months. COST FOR BOTH: $500





Keyboard Cover: sometimes called "keyboard skins". Normally these are used to protect the keyboard from sticky fingers. They look like a molded keyboard, which allows you to press down the keys. You can perhaps spray them black, or use a black marker pen Cost, approx. $10 each.

Cardboard box cover: take a card box, which fits over the keyboards. Cut the sides so it stands about 8 - 12 inches above the keyboard. Cut out the side where the hands need to enter.

Paper or Cloth Cover: take a large piece of heavy paper. Try taping it to the top of the keyboard, or to the desk (especially if you use a drop down rack. You want it to flap over the hands. Alternative, a pillowcase could be used. Just have the student reach into it. Some people haved used tea towels. One suggested boxer shorts! Slip the shorts from the front 0 the spacebar side - up to the top of keyboard. The elastic waist is up at the top, where you see the function keys. Kids slip their hands through the two leg holes. This guarantees that they cannot bend down and look at the keys.




The military no longer encourages you to send packages, because of terrorism issues. But they have other suggestions




My husband had back survey last August. I moved into my home office to be able to care for him during his recovery. It was so nice sitting here at my desk, looking out at the pool, in my bunny slippers, that I have not gone back to our Glendora office! I continue to run the Speakers Bureau from here. You can reach me at 909-398-1228. Of course, I am in contact with the Glendora office many times every day.

Marty, my husband, gave up deep sea fishing after the surgery, and took up pen making as a hobby! He is selling these really amazing burl wood fountain pens on ebay, and can barely keep up with orders! Ladies, you will understand my thought of how nice it is to have a hobby, well avocation now, that is PAYING for itself! I have a few pictures up at: http://www.truthorlie.com/pens.html