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Lilly Walters

Who is Lilly Walters?

Lilly Walters - daughter of Dottie WaltersWho is Lilly Walters?

She is the office manager for Jim Abbot,t one handed baseball pitcher, a motivational keynote speaker for any meeting, convention or conference.

More on Jim Abbott, famed one handed baseball pitcher as a keynote speaker

For 20 years she was the Director of Walters International Speakers Bureau, owned by Dottie Walters, a professional lecture agency with 30,000 presenters, from world famous celebrities to interesting and entertaining business speakers and author for keynote speeches. Lilly sends these speakers all over the world to such companies as Arco, Shell Oil, Lockheed, Litton, IBM, McDonnell Douglas, AT & T and IBM. For many years she was the editor for SHARING IDEAS NEWSMAGAIZE for PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS, owned by Dottie Walters. Today her eNews goes out to over 4000 public speakers, seminar leaders and speakers bureaus. Lilly Walters is considered one of the leading experts in the world about public speaking.

She is featured in the mega best seller, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2nd. Helpings regarding her story of overcoming an accident that took 1/2 of her hand.Lilly Walters - daughter of Dottie Walters

From that situation, she wrote the bestselling typing one handed manual for those who lost the use of a hand: http://www.aboutonehandtyping.com This typing manual teacing one handed people who to type with one hand, without a one handed keyboard. When someone needs to type with one hand, there is no advantage in using a sne hand keyboard.

Lilly Walters Schermerhorn is a faux decorative painting artist, specializing in Cobblestone Cottages on glass jars and how to paint cement floors to look like cobblestone courtyards.

She has created a series of downloadable paint patterns espeically for fabrics and tee shirts, and a how to paint on fabric book

She is a known nationwide as a face painter, her art as a face painter in seen oftenFace Painter Painting in Claremont, California in Claremont, California.

As a professional speaker and seminar leader, Lilly has presented to audiences from Africa to Australia. As a private speech consultant to executives, professional trainers and speakers, she has worked with international business heads to coach them in public speaking.

Lilly is well known in local theatre for her musical and acting abilities and is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.

Lilly Walters has authored (and currently in print):

"101 Simple Things to Grow Your Business and Yourself: Easy Ideas to Improve Sales, Productivity and Service!" (Crisp Publishers, April, 1995.) Paperback book, quick ideas, with lighthearted cartoons and wit.

"Games Presenters Play" (Royal Publishing, 1992) - 2 hour video training program on audience involvement devices.

"Persuasive Platform Presentations" (Royal Publishing, 1989) - 4 1/2 hour audio program with a 70 page workbook, recorded live in Africa

"How to Enter the Word of Paid Speaking" (Royal Publishing, 1987) - audio album. Co-author, with Dottie Walters.

"Chicken Soup for the Soul®" (featured author in the books and videos)

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