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Childsize and Compact Mini Keyboards.
Which do you need?

A true child size keyboard is designed for tiny hands

Childsize Keyboards have a shorter distance from Q over to P and are mandatory for

Designed for adult hands, in a small workspace Compact keyboard for one handtyping

Compact Keyboards have a shorter footprint, the distance from one side to the other, measuring from the outside of the casing. There are many compact mini keyboards (as on lap tops), but their distance from Q to P is the same as any normal keyboard.

Above: Normal adult keyboard compared to childsize kids keyboard. Shown: Little Princess Pink & Purple Keyboard Above: Compact ACK, with trackball. This is a mini keyboard, often mistaken for a chidsize.
If you are wondering about a childsize keyboard for anyone under 10 years old, then the answer is YES. If this is for a one-handed child, then it is an imperative yes. One Hand Typing Test to see if you need a childsize keyboard

Your child may be typing on a normal adult size keyboard, but they are NOT typing well. It is impossible for their smaller hands. But they are training themselves to type poorly as a "hunt and pecker." A habit that is going to be very difficult to break as they get older. You would not ask a child to ride an adult bike. Don't ask them to type to learn to type correctly on an adult size keyboard. They needs a Kid's Keyboard.

A compact keyboard is excellent for anyone in a cramped workspace, who also needs a normal size.

Adult RIGHT one handed typists will find these useful as we need to push the keyboard over to the right. The number pad on a normal keyboard will not allow us to do this.

All childsize keyboards are compact. But only a few compact keyboards are child sized, like ours! On a small hands keyboard, the distance from Q over to P is from 5 1/2" to 6". Normal keyboards are 6 3/4" The footprint on a standard keyboard is about 18". On a compact keyboard is it 13".

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Littlefingers keyboards Little Fingers Keyboards Childsize Keyboards Keyboards for Children

Kids keyboards for Children

Kids keyboard for Small Hands

Mini keyboard for Small Hands

Small Handed Keyboards

Littlefingers keyboards Little Fingers Keyboards Childsize Keyboards Keyboards for Children