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Lilly Walters

Who is Lilly Walters?

Glad you found us! My focus, has been About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding.

However, many people began asking me for tips on how to more easily work in an office with a disability of the hand. I am in the process of creating a report on just that subject.

On this page are tips for the One Handed Office Professional!

On this page is the Table of Contents, and introduction to The One Handed Office Professional! which is an ebook on the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding CD. On the CD is a great e-book The One Handed Office Professional! Also on that same CD are four versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals on CD. One is a PDF file, which is exactly the same as the 72 page printed manual. The other three allow you to practice right into the document on the screen! Fields are provided for practicing the exercises. These are 330 pages. The exercises are exactly the same in the 72 page printed manual. However, we have taken each exercise, and broken it up into very easy to read, and easy to practice steps. This way, it is much more interactive, simple, and fun!

One version, our personal favorite, is in a PDF format. You read that with Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which is a free program what we include on the disc. It is very difficult to find any computer today which does not already have Adobe® Acrobat Reader on it, this is a free program. The other two version are on Microsoft Word® 95/97 or 98. Using these allows the user to become familiar with this most popular of the word processing programs used in offices today.

With the use of either your right, or left hand, this simple manual will teach you to type on a standard keyboard.

Within 1-3 weeks of working through the drills in this manual, you can step into any mainstream program to learn typing.

The CD with the four versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual, is only $49. go to our Order Form.

Table of Contents of the One Handed Office Professional



Be The Most Valuable Player On Your Office Team!

What You Will Learn In This Book

How Did Lilly Walters End Up Writing A Book for One Handed Office Workers?

Angels Never Say Hello!


CHAPTER ONE - The Organized, Time Saving, One-Handed Super-Achiever!

Goals Are Not Set With Your Hands

Dreaming of Success

Determining Your Goals and Charting Your Course

Write it Down!

Where To Write Down Your Goals?

Use Positive Language on Your Goal List

What Will Your Rewards Be?

Own Your Goals! Picture your Success!

Combining Mental and Physical Possession

What Great Minds Have Said About Setting Goals

Plan the Work, Work the Plan

Time Saving Tips 1

Keep Yourself Working on the Plan: Overcoming Procrastination!


CHAPTER TWO - The Image of A Successful Office Pro

The Can-Do, Everyone Relies On You, Employee!

Can-Do Vocabulary

Can do vs. a Can't Ever Communication

More Phone Enthusiasm and Professionalism Tips

Summary of Can Do Communication

Let Your Attitude Shine Through Your Voice

Getting People to Listen to You

Dress Like The Best Office Pro

The One Handed Power Handshake

Handshakes, Without A Right Arm?

Laugh About Yourself

Natural Gestures for the One Handed Person

Keep Your Enthusiasm While All Around You Are Losing Theirs

Image - From the Inside Out


CHAPTER THREE - Conquering Office Software and Machines With One Hand

Typing and Keyboarding With One Hand

How to Become The Office Software Guru!

First: Understand the What, Why and How of The Task

Read the Manuals!

Automated Help

Ask a Listserv

Be The Fastest Person With Software Programs –Shortcuts!

Macros and Scripts

Take the Classes

Look at the Software Developers Website

Sticky Keys

Mastering Phones

Other Phone Tips


CHAPTER FOUR - More Great One Handed Office Tips

Organize According To Your More Able Side

Opening Mail

Working With Paper

Tape Dispensers


Forms and Filing

Carrying File Folders

Shelves and Storage

Counting Out Change

Sign For This Please?


CHAPTER FIVE - Preventing Injury To Your One Good Hand or Arm

Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Dominate Arm and Hand

Resources For The One Handed Office Professional

Listservs and e-mail discussion groups

ARM-AMP Mailing List for Arm Amputees

Microsoft Office Support Group


Great Books for Office Perfection


CONCLUSION - Before You Continue On Your Journey

Those Touched By The Master's Hand

"Touch of the Master's Hand," by Myra Welsh

Meet Myra Brooks Welch

Who is Lilly Walters?


You are in an office environment, and you only have one good hand? Me too. Poor us we can just struggle along, doing the best we can

Nonsense! There is no difficulty for a one-handed person to be more than a tremendous asset in any office. The difficulty lies in the minds of the person with the disability. That difficulty might have been planted there from the minds of their parents, teachers and supervisors who told them, "Oh, there are OTHER THINGS you can do."

Yes, there are others things you can do – if you want to! Millions of things. And if one of those is to be the most productive, efficient, needed person in your office, nothing is stopping you from that goal either.


In a message dated 7/23/01 7:38:55 AM:

I don't see why a one-handed person would have much difficulty being productive in today's workplace. Few employers are asking how fast you can type these days -- they're more interested in your mastery of office software, business knowledge, customer-service savvy, and most importantly, communications skills (written and verbal).

- Rick Stroud, Communications Manager

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

Kansas City, MO

Web site: www.iaap-hq.org


Be The Most Valuable Player On Your Office Team!

Whether you have one hand, or two, you can and should be the most valuable person in your office. The one they call on when they need help! My office team calls on me if the computer even blinks. Most people think of the computer as a skill centered around a keyboard, a two-handed task. My office team thinks of it as one-personed task. Lilly's!

My friend Sue needed help the other day with posting an ad on the Internet. They had one of those split keyboards. These are not what a one handed person needs to use! (See http://www.aboutonehandtyping.com). Two-handed Sue insisted that I sit at her computer and struggle along with that keyboard, rather than do it herself! Even with that keyboard I was still more competent at 'computering' with one hand, than two-handed Sue!

Now, when it comes to fixing a paper jam in our copy machine, or working with the postage meter, I am a 'goober.' This however has nothing to do with the number of fingers I have! Twenty years ago, when tasks with copy machines and postage meters were my job, I was very good at them. Faster and more efficient than my two handed co-workers.

Why? I had something to prove.

To my co-workers?

At the time I might have thought that. But it's not true. I had to prove to myself that I could be good at things. As much as they tell us, "You're no different than anyone else " We know we are physically different. Different isn't bad. But it is better when you are different and competent!

I want to be thought of as VERY COMPETENT. I have always looked at tasks and tried to find a faster, smoother way to get them done. An obnoxious trait for the people who designed whatever system I am currently hacking away at! But, a good trait for those of us who want to find ways to make things work better.

A very good trait for you too! It can make you the most valuable player on your office team!


What You Will Learn In This Book

In this book I have gathered ideas and tips from one-handed office workers, and their friends. Their ideas and mine are included throughout this book to help you find ways to:

® Make the office run smoother and faster.

® Turn yourself into the most valuable player on your team!

® Where to go for help to find free and fast answers to questions.


go to our Order Form.

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