The typing system Police, Sheriffs, Cops and Law Enforcement of all types use to type safely, fast and well in police vehicles on mobile data devices - with one hand!

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How Police Officers Can Type Safely and Well With One Hand - In Car and In Station!

According to POST guidelines you are supposed to pull over when you type. We are working on helping everyone understand that all you need to do is teach officers how to type with one hand without looking at the keys. Yes, there is a typing manual which teaches them how. But, even if you are pulled over to the side, you still need to type with one hand. Even if the laptop, or keyboard, is on an "arm" and lifted up closer to you there is no way you can type well, for any length of time if you are twisted to the side.

What System Is Used to Speed Type With One Hand Without Looking?

Everyone who become a fast typist - with one hand or two - uses what is called TOUCH TYPING. This means their fingers know where every key is, without looking. They type by touch. Every finger has an assignment, taking care of certain keys on the keyboard. The fingers have a home base, at which at least one finger always stays in touch while the other fingers jump up to do their job. The One Hand Typing home base is FGHJ.

Any officer can learn one hand typing. Hundreds of thousands of children with a disability use it now. Officially it's called One Hand QWERTY. QWERTY is the term used for the standard keyboard used in police cars, see the keys on your keyboard starting at the Q in the upper left corner, read them from left to right: QWERTY.

Use the four fingers on your right hand on FGHJ. See the numbers in black at the top of the image? The Pointer Finger is 1, and does all of the keys on that side of the keyboard, etc.

How long will it take you to learn?

Well, how fast can you memorize where those 26 letters are using the correct fingers and not peeking? With the One Hand Typing Manual in your car, you can easily practice 20 minutes a day. Using the CD or the manaul most people pick up one hand typing in weekend then build speed over their lifetimes.

ONE HANDED TYPING TIP FOR OFFICERS: Take some white school glue, like Elmers. Put blobs on the anchor keys you need to be keep you centered without looking: F, J, A, 1, 4, 7, 0 and RETURN. Allow it to dry a bit, then take your finger and make the blobs rough. Once they dry thoroughly they will be clear. Now when you feel for your one handed home base, you can do it by touch. As you reach for the numbers, those rough spots will allow you to find them without looking. In a few years when they smooth out, just peel them off, and do it again. You can allow use tiny sticky felt pads used.

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