The Law Enforcement One Hand Typing Training Package

How To Use The Training Package:

This will be one of your easiest training sessions ever! You only need a few minutes in a briefing before you send them out on their normal work shift. Give them each a the very easy typing manual, the CD and the felt key anchors we supply.

The user needs to practice at least 20 minutes per day for 2 months. This can easily be done in the vehicle using the comb manual as the officer waits for a call. Training is supplemented by practicing individually and at the officers convenience on any computer that can read a CD.

After 2 months of short daily practice, officers should be able to type without looking at the keyboard. They will have increased their typing speed on all keyboards to about 35 words per minute or more. Results will vary. Some people obtain speeds of 50 wpm very quickly, others need a year of practice. This same one hand typing skill will be used at all keyboards they use.

What is in the package:

1) Comb bound printed manual for use in police vehicles.

2) One Hand Typing on CD, for use on any PC or Macintosh computer with a CD reader. On the CD

3) Felt pads to use as anchor spots for one hand typing.

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