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Why One Hand Typing on Standard Keyboards
Introduction and How to's One Hand Typing
Which one handed typing system for you?
How To Type With One Hand On A Normal Keyboard
One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals, CD, or software
Mice and Track balls for one hand typists

One Handed Children

Childsize Littlefingers Keyboards Tips
Child Littlefingers One-Hand Typists
Lap tops For One Hand Typists
Email Discussion Group for Parents of One Handed Children
Support Groups Children With Limb and Hand Differences

Law Enforcement and One Hand Typing

One Hand Touch Typing for Police Officers

Keyboards for One Hand Typists

Childsize Keyboards For One Hand Typists Little Fingers
Laptops For One Hand Typists
Left -Handed Keyboards

One Handed Keyboard Alternatives

Alternative One Hand Typing Systems
Left Handed Keyboards
One Hand Keyboards
Half QWERTY Half Keyboard
BAT One Handed Keyboard
Maltron One Handed Keyboard
FrogPad One-Handed Keyboard
Dvorak One Hand Typing
Voice Recognition For One Handed Typing
AlphaSmart Keyboard
Lap Tops For One Handed Typists

Ideas and Resources For One Handed Typists

One Hand Products
One Hand Books & Tools
Tips for One Handed Office Workers 
Tips How To Teach A One Handed Student to Type
Tips For Occupational and Rehabilitation Therapists of One Handed Clients
Tips for the Blind One Handed Typist
Tips for Police Officers To Type With One Hand
Tips For Assistive Technology Specialists One Handed Clients
Free Typing Software
Practice Typing On-Line For Free
Desks For The One Handed Typist
Motivational Stories
Statistics about One Hand Loss
Medical Conditions Cause Hand Loss
All kinds of resources!

Discussion Groups and News

Join e-discussion groups to offer support and get news

Seminars and Speakers

Seminars by Lilly Walters
Jim Abbott, Motivational Sports Keynote Speaker, and One Handed Baseball Pitcher

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Who is Lilly Walters?

Books From Those Who Have Overcome

Bethany Hamilton's Story, SOUL SEARCHER

One-Handed in a Two-Handed World BOOK

How to Conquer the World With One Hand...and an Attitude BOOK 

Lilly Walters One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual


One-Handed Pianist and Other Stories

One Hand Clapping. There are a ton of books with "One hand clapping," in the title, the term is actally a Zen term

Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul® unforgettable collection of inspiring and uplifting stories of those who have overcome a disability.

Jim Abbott, Overcoming The Odds, story of the famous one-handed baseball player


***** PIANO With One Hand

One Handed: A Guide to Piano Music for One Hand (Music Reference Collection)

Piano Music for One Hand


***** Mice for the Right - One Hand typist

I found several for you at

 For Mac or PC about $19 - $29

Logitech Optical Marble Mouse (USB/PS2) 

Kensington K64226 Orbit USB/PS2 Combo...


****** Aids for One Hand Typing!

Lift The Front Of The Keyboard

Master Caster(R) Big Foot(R) Door Stop,...

Mouse Holder!

If you don't have a way to create your own bean bag to support your mouse, I have seen one product that you might try, Fellowes Easy Glide Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad
Amazon Price: $17.94 click here to see it


***** Typing Turtor Software

These are mainstream softwares, which you will be able to use after you work through
Lilly Walters'
One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual:
With Personal Motivational Messages From Others Who Have Overcome!

MOST will have pictures, with "helping hands." See through pictures of TWO hands in the traditional hands placement. Well, we would love to see one just for us, but us one handers can figure it out! We will have to work it out for the rest of our lives, so, we will learn to adapt to those helping hands on the screen too :) To see samples, click here Typing Softwares - Amazon®

NORMAL Mini Childsize Keyboards,
for One Hand Typists
and those with Small Hands

In stock now!

2 Types of
One Hand Typing

  • Book
  • Manual on CD (Mac or PC)

See more on both

What's New?

One Hand Typing and Keyboarding & Resources on CD

($49, plus $7 s/h): On the CD are ...

1) Many versions of One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals: some to practice on screen, and one to print

2) One Handed Office Professional eBook: How To Be The Most Productive Person in Your Office

3) Scores of resources from all of the Internet

Laptops for One Handed Typists!

Finally! There are laptops for one handed typists!

See least expensive option at Amazon

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