Sponsors for Type with one hand, one hand keyboards, one hand typing, keyboarding for the one hand typist - this place is for those with a disability of the the hand, and those who want to help them: teachers, parents, vocational, occupational and rehabilitation therapists, learn to type, keyboard and use a computer with the speed of a professional, or just for fun, with only one hand, with, or without adaptive equipment. Regardless of the cause of your disability: amputee, birth defect, stroke, brain injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or other, come here when you need ideas, insights, inspiration, and insider assitance to excel with single handed issues, especially keyboarding and typing.

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To Be A Sponsor :)

To keep the cost of typing manuals VERY low for our end users, we need sponsors!

In exchange for your sposonship, we will do three things for you

  • An email link to the site of your choice in our next two monthly e-newsletters,@1100 recipients each mailing .
  • A link on our website to the website of your choice for two full months. We have about 4500 hits per month
  • An advertisement in the manual itself. We will be printing 2000 manuals.
    This manual is not the kind of thing someone will throw away. They are so rare, they are passed on, and on, and on for years.

 Full Page  $2000
 1/2  $1000
 1/4  $500

Support from our sponsors keeps the costs very low to the end user - most often children who have lost the use of a hand :)

Thank you :)

Please email me or call, we need your help.

Lilly Walters

email Lilly@aboutonehandtyping.com

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