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Lilly Walters

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You cannot use most laptops for a one handed typist. First, left me explain the problem.

The Problem With Laptops and One-Hand Typing

If you were using two-hands, the keyboard would center straight out from your belly button - the middle of your body. The screen would be directly behind that. So, you would have a straight line from your belly button, through the center of the keyboard, to the center of the screen.

HOWEVER, in ONE HAND TYPING the keyboard is offset to the side, depending on which hand the typist uses. If you use the right hand, it offsets to the right. If you use the left hand, it will offset to the left.

So, in order to get the keyboard where it needs to be - off to the side - the screen will be ergonomically in a terrible spot, no longer directly in front of your shoulders.

NOTE: Most assume the laptop has a smaller keyboard than a normal computer keyboard. But, this is not true. They have exactly the same hand-span.

The Solution

With the advent of tablets and wireless keyboards, you can - WITH PLANNING - put everything in the right place for one handed typing. It is very difficult to get a tablet/keyboard combo with a keyboard that disconnects from it ... but still allows you to type wirelessly.

However, it easy to:

  1. Get a tablet, and NOT pay extra for the special matching keyboard meant to attach (none of which will work wirelessly.)
  2. Get a blue-tooth keyboard that will work with your tablet

You need to find a tablet that:

  • Is a real computer, with a great deal of power that can handle the software our typist will be using.
  • Has a kickstand to hold it upright
  • Allows for a keyboard to connect via blue-tooth
  • Has a USB connection to connect the trackball.