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You can purchase the One Hand Typing and Keyboard Manual in three versions:

  • ebook version with fields to do the drills right on your screen. Comes on a CD which we mail, for Mac or PC, a PDF format
  • download NOW version
  • printed comb bound version, we mail to you

One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals on CDOne Hand Typing & Keyboarding Manuals and One Handed Resources on CD

$49, $7 s/h

On the CD are

1) 330 page versions to use on the screen

2) 69 page printable version of the One Hand Typing Manual

3) Scores of resources from all of the Internet

4) 100 page eBook: One Handed Office Professional: How To Be The Most Productive Person in Your Office

5) Motivational keynote speech video of Jim Abbott, the famous one handed baseball player, with video clips of his life.

Order Form

Here is more on the areas mentioned above:

Part One

five versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual. All five versions work perfectly on the Macintosh, or the PC. The user can practice typing right on their computer screen. With the use of either your right, or left hand, this simple manual will teach you to type on a standard keyboard. Within 1-3 weeks of working through the drills in this manual, you can step into any mainstream program to learn typing. All of the exercises are very simple and can be used by the average child or adult.

Of the several versions of the One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manual on the disc, one is perfect for printing, this is the 72 page manual. From the CD you can print out your own hardback version of the manual. This is exactly the same as the 72 page comeback manual we sell for $29.

But the best are the other four versions on the CD. These allow you to practice right into the document on the screen! Fields are provided for practicing the one hand typing exercises. These e-books are 330 pages. The exercises are exactly the same in the 72 page printed manual. However, we have taken each exercise, and broken them up into very easy to read, and easy to practice steps. This way, the process is much more interactive, simple, and fun!

One version, our personal favorite, is in a PDF format. You read that with Adobe® Acrobat Reader, this is a free program which we include on the CD. The other three versions are in Microsoft Word®. Using one of these Word versions allows the user to become familiar with this most popular of the word processing programs used in offices today. You must own Word already to use these.

Part Two

Fifty pages of resources from all of the Internet. The user simply clicks, and will be taken to websites like:

Practice Typing for Free On-Line!

Download Free Typing Tutors

Typing Tutors For The PC

Free Typing Games For The PC

Typing Tutors For The Mac

Typing Games For The Mac

Cool Free To Try Add-Ons and Others Typing Tools

Helpful Things For One Handed Typists

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Child One Hand Typist

Notes About Children Typing

Child Size Keyboards

Alternatives To The Normal Keyboard

Products for One-Handed People

Mice and Trackballs For One Handed Typists

Support Groups Specific to Hands and Limb Issues

Email Discussion Support Groups About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding

Special Needs Groups and Resources

Sports Groups For Amputees

Newsletters and Magazines

Accessible Information Technology in Education

Back to Work & Job Accommodation Web Sites

Avoid Damage and Fatigue

Statistics on Disabilities of the Hand

For Teachers: One Hand Typing and Special Ed Issues

For Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists

For the Vision Impaired



Part Three

The e-book, the One Handed Office Professional. A book for the professional with tips on productivity, working with people, time management, goal setting and conquering those office machines, and thriving in the business world,

Want to practice first? Try the FREE DOWNLOADS,

If your one hand user under 12 years old?

It is very important to get them a child size keyboard!