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If you have good use of one hand, you must first try to learn a system that enables you to work study, and play on a standard, normal keyboard. This one hand typing system is called One Hand QWERTY. This method teaches the one hand user to type on a normal keyboard, with one hand, just as fast as he would on an adaptive keyboard.

If you are searching for options for a young person with a hand disability, then it is MANDATORY that you do NOT try alternatives to the standard keyboard if the child has full use of one hand. Child typists and Assistive Technology and Adaptive Keyboards

 Voice recognition and wearable computers.

Voice recognition is available right now in almost all new computers. Wearable computers are just around the corner for mainstream use. In another 20-30 years, my guess is we will all be working with some form of voice recognition wearable computer, very possibly attached to our cell phones. However, someone will still be programming those computers, and being paid a great deal to do it. My guess is, those people will still be using a standard QWERTY keyboard. Will that be you? To fill the next 30 years with productivity, I suggest you learn to use the standard keyboard before you learn the alternatives.
Voice Activation is a wave coming forward for ALL typists. Hear that last word - TYPISTS. First, learn how to type with one hand. Just as you should not use books on tape as a substitute for learning to read, first get comfortable with the skill of typing. Aim for at least 30 words per minute, then explore the tools available to ease the strain on the hands, like voice activation.Once you have, there are many available, try these at Amazon.com for voice activation software.
The three main drawbacks of voice activation software are:
a. the time it takes to program
b. the noise to others working around you.
c. the strain on the voice.
One person told me after using voice recognition for 6 weeks, she I lost her voice and it's never was quite right since afterwards. It turned out to be a bigger problem than it was a help.
a. See a doctor, a voice specialist BEFORE you start using voice software.
b. Drinks lots of water as you work
c. Try organic apple cider vinegar(2tsp) with 1-2 tsp of raw natural honey.
d. speak casually and languidly and see if that relaxes your throat
e. Take many breaks as you work
f. Sign up for a singing class to learn how to use your voice with the least amount of harm to it.
also see the RESOURCES page.

One Hand Typing System Comparisons:

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 Best for



Where to buy and to learn more

Use the standard keyboard (ONE HAND QWERTY)*

Children, and those who have not yet learned to type*, or those who knew how to type, but have been "hunting and pecking for at least 6 months since their injury.

Sellablity in the job market. 100% compatible with the mainstream for work and play, enables the one hand person to use the same computer and keyboards as any two handed person. Least expensive.  $49


Half QWERTY Half Keyboard

Adults who knew how to touch type before their disability to one hand

Learn Half-QWERTY in a matter of minutes, with little or no retraining.


Half Keyboard (left hand only)

Half-QWERTY Keyboard






Half QWERTY Half Keyboard


Adults who have seriouly tried to learn One Hand QWERTY, and like the idea tyring to learn a new way to type. The keyboard is layed out in an alterntive layout, but shaped to better help the hand $695

Bat one hand keyboard

Those with disabilities in both hands Uses simple "cords," with very little movement  $199


One Hand Dvorak

Adults who have seriouly tried to learn One Hand QWERTY, and like the idea tyring to learn a new way to type. The keyboard is layed out in an alterntive layout. Free


2 Types of
One Hand Typing

  • Book
  • Download Now with Practice fields (Mac or PC)

See more on both

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One Hand Typing and Keyboarding & Resources on CD

($49, plus $7 s/h): On the CD are ...

1) Many versions of One Hand Typing and Keyboarding Manuals: some to practice on screen, and one to print

2) One Handed Office Professional eBook: How To Be The Most Productive Person in Your Office

3) Scores of resources from all of the Internet

Laptops for One Handed Typists!

Finally! There are laptops for one handed typists!

See least expensive option at Amazon

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